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$20.00 minimum call for
10 minutes

$2.00 /per minute
major credit cards
Must be 18+


Specialties:  Sissy's, sissy's, and more sissy's.  I train and use fucking sissy's.  It is your life to serve me, make me happy, tribute me. I like you in panties and I like it all the time. I am dominant and forceful, don't let my pretty face fool you!


   Story #1 original story about sissy training

Personal site:

I am a sissy trainer. 
What does that mean to you?
It means that I take a regular man, and then turn him into a sissy. More then that I shape him into my creation. I make him into the wimp that will worship me, and acknowledge how superior I am to him.

A real wimp longs for a woman to dominate him. 
A real sissy knows it's place to satisfy and worship a woman, a goddess a mistress, and I am that such person. I am blessed with being superior.  Knowing that I possess what it takes to use a man, and have him
worship the ground I walk on.

I demand respect, I in turn will give attention when I deem fit.

I plan on making you submissive, more then you are.   You will eat, dream, and sleep, Mistress Andrea.
You will thank me, for making your decision's.
You will want and need more, as you sink into submissiveness.

You should request a session with me. To begin your journey.
I will humiliate you, dress you, taunt you.
I believe in chastity, obedience, and submission.

Are you wimp enough for me? 
If the answer is yes, you may call me.

If you think not, there is always the possibility that I might consider taking you on,
and making you the sissy you dream of being.

Orgasm Denial, Sissy Training, Cock Control, Obedience Training,
Sissy Maid Training, CBT, Nipple Torture, Spanking

Mistress Andrea

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